Born and raised in Essex, UK, PP was a child of the UK Garage generation and has adapted seamlessly into the South West WA wedding and corporate industry.

A lot of great musicians pass through the vibrant Margaret River creative culture but every now and again someone comes along who really makes an impact and pushes things up a notch.

PP is one such act.

With just the right blend of charisma and humility, this UK native brings a big vibe and a whole lotta love to every dance floor that he plays.

With seamless mixing and a massive, diverse library of banging tunes, PP has been passionately rocking things in the South West over the last few years. Playing big house parties, the West Australian Circus Festival, the South West Craft Beer Fest, Blazing Swan and a host of other events, Private Pickle has been winning fans over with his wicked, uplifting tracks and obvious happiness behind the decks.

Simultaneously building his reputation as a confident and adaptable DJ, whilst refining the art of producing his own sweet dance tunes, it seems that busy and successful times are destined indeed for this switched on young artist.