Two great friends having heaps of fun playing tunes they grew up on. Their specialty is creating acoustic renditions from the treasure trove of 90’s Alternative but this vibrant duo also happily perform awesome songs from all many eras and genres. Definitely more royale than cheese though!!

Al (guitar/vocals) and Lee (Roland Handsonic/drums/backing vocals) are both long term South West locals who stretched their musical muscles and learnt a lot from travelling many years overseas - surfing, having a ball and jamming/performing with incredible musicians across the globe!

Once these fun-loving troubadours both ended up settling down back home in Margaret River a solid friendship was forged through sharing travel tales, waves and a heap of gigs throughout the South West.

They quickly became a super tight duo who always impress with a great mix of old and new cover songs - from Jack Johnson to Johnny Cash, Violent Femmes to John Butler, Bob Marley to Alice In Chains and so many other legendary artists that have inspired these guys over the years (especially a bunch from their favourite genre - 90's alternative!).

Always a fun show, Royale with Cheese love to play!