A West Australian posse of fun-lovin, fruity freaks who take their tropical themed parties on the road.
Bringing epic tunes, positive vibrations and breathtaking decorations - no matter where they are, this awesome collection of loveable humans bring the goodness every time!
So come jump upon The Coconut Carnys road’s time to dance, it’s time to party!!

Coconut Carnys are a travelling collective of like minded West Aussie groovers who live to see people having fun!

Becoming dear friends at various epic festivals and events over the last decade this team of classic characters bring together years of worldly experience in conducting super good times.

Transporting their party goers with lush decor, tropical settings, funky DJ sets and live percussion...The Coconut Carnys bring back the feel good vibes of old school dance parties.

Fueled on organic coconut froth these loveable rogues have an open minded party ethic that goes something like this;
# Being cool doesn’t matter - having fun on the dance floor does!
# How you look isn’t important, the Carnys just want to see you smile!
# The Carnys don’t care if ya Like or Follow our Social Media - just Be In The Now...get loose with us, cut sick, go off and embrace the joy of Living In The Moment!
# Don’t bother judging...just trust that The Coconut Carnys will feed you beats and melodies that are gonna make your body move!
# The Carnys are not needing your adoration, The Carnys just need you to let go of your inhibitions and have a wicked good time!

Life is a journey and one worth come party with us!
Act like fruity carny folk and join our funky adventures for a night. Lose yourself in the sights and sounds we create for you, feel the love, radiate goodness and GET ON DOWN!