Whether it’s the dynamic trio of thumping drums, rolling bass and blazing electric guitar - or the even more jaw dropping four piece with rhythm guitar and trumpet...these guys get any dance floor frothing for good times with their stylish and rocking performances of the classic Surf Guitar genre!

Finally the Margaret River region has a ripping Surf Guitar band to get the party jumping...ladies and gentlemen, introducing "The Frothers"!!

Cranking out classic surf tunes like Miserlou, Hawaii Five-O, Apache and Wipeout, a heap of more modern day Surf' styled beauties plus some frothy originals, The Frothers make music which is at times reminiscent of cruising along a 3ft crystal clear peeler at Boranup Beach and at other times like charging through an 8ft hell pit at North Point!!

With Kevin “The Chief” McDonald out front on lead guitar, Cody “Hellman” Robson thumping it out on bass and Leeroy “Animal” Cummings tearing it up on drums (plus occasionally David “The Guru” Rastrick killing it on rhythm guitar and trumpet)...there’s just no mistaking it, The Frothers are here for a damn good time!!