~ U & I inspired ~

Drumming together within a large group of people is inherently fun, stimulating to the senses and easier to do than most people would expect.

But without the guidance of an experienced facilitator who knows how to identify the specific needs of your team, your investment in team development may be wasted.

At Upbeat Inspirations we understand the difference between recreational events and professionally facilitated team building programs. And although we happily cater to both we feel it is most important to provide a team building opportunity which is tailor-made to suit the needs of each individual client if a true sense of unity within the group is to be realised.

Upbeat Inspirations' clients choose these compelling and progressive team drumming sessions to:

•Invigorate a conference

•Relieve stress

•Build and strengthen relationships

•Create a reference point for improving communications.

•Integrate an enjoyable activity to break up a multi-day meeting.

•Stimulate creativity

•Disintegrate ego

•Break down pre-existing barriers

•Activate a sense of achievement

•Highlight the importance of equality

•Create some fun (with meaning)

UI offer a wide range of team building experiences.

Seemingly the most popular are "High Impact" 30 - 45 minute presentations in which every member of the group is given a drum and then guided by a unique and comical non-vocal facilitation technique. The sessions are always different but most often move from simple clapping exercises to drumming to dancing to an orchestrated pandemonium!